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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is IcMD?

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Indigenous Canadian Medical Dispensaries launched in July 2018 with the goal of providing better access to healthcare for First Nation & Indigenous Communities across Canada. Devising a 3 part plan to enact change, IcMD looks to put healthcare in the hands of every Canadian by using the devices we carry everyday. 

What does IcMD do?


We provide:

Video Medical Appointments

  • Including medical cannabis treatment plans
  • Community Care Options

Coast to Coast Canadian Pharmacy

Canada to USA Pharmacy 

Is there a cost?


All upfront costs are born by IcMD and its providers. The medical cannabis consultation, development of a treatment plan and the issue of a prescription are free to you. Pharmacy services are billed the same as any pharmacy in Canada. Community VMA's by contract only & will be billed as part of your provincial heath plan

Does insurance cover this?


The same way your current insurance covers prescriptions. The NIHB plan by Health Canada has a comprehensive list of products covered and more are being added all the time. IcMD and its team complete all applications for you to your private insurance or Health Canada NIHB plan. If your private insurance or coverage under Health Canada NIHB plan does not not cover the product then you would have to pay the cost of the medication only.  

What can we prescribe?


Our fully licensed team can essentially prescribe any currently listed Health Canada pharmaceutical products including medical devices. While we specialize in medical cannabis treatment programs all options are open to you. 

What about opiates and painkillers?


IcMD is sensitive to harm reduction strategies being explored across Canada.  We refuse to prescribe or fill pharmacy orders that contain opiates or other abused pharmaceuticals. Should you or anyone you know require help dealing with these issues please contact us directly so we can help develop a comprehensive plan to reduce and eliminate dependency. 

How secure is this?


IcMD uses bank level encryption and record keeping. IcMD & its partners match your provided ID with the face in front of the screen. No one can use your account or get access to your records. 

How is it delivered?


By using secure tracked Canada Post, FedEx or Purolator delivery systems we deliver to your door. We can offer same day, next day or 2 day delivery to even remote and rural communities. 

How secure is the delivery?


IcMD tracks all pharmacy shipments & provides you the tracking number as well. Medical cannabis is delivered from the Licensed Producer of your choice & they follow the same system. At the door the minimum standard is to match your physical ID with the order. 

Who supplies medical cannabis?


Through partnership agreements IcMD is able to offer a choice of Health Canada Licensed Producers to choose from. If your community has its own LP then all orders can be filled locally if you choose to join your LP with our program. Our is to support economic development and support First Nation communities who enter this market. 

Do you employ Indigenous people?


IcMD is a 100% owned and operated Indigenous company. Through a lifetime of supporting Indigenous employment and self-sufficiency in our communities IcMD is committed to continue offering employment opportunities to our people. If you are a nurse practitioner or doctor we encourage you to contact us to see how you can join our program. 

How do you help communites?


IcMD has seen many groups and people try to take advantage of our people's economic opportunities. We ask you to visit the IcMD Gives Back page to learn about our commitment to returning 10% of all IcMD GROSS profits back to each community it comes from.