Why Leave Home?


Up to 10% of our profit is given back to our communities


IcMD will help your local teams and community members with funds to achieve their goals. By providing increased access to the money you need we hope to help you get out there and do the things you love most.


Being at the top of your class doesn't guarantee access to post secondary education. IcMD looks forward to supporting our best and brightest in their quest to becoming the next leaders in our communities and the rest of the world. 


Community Programs

Every community needs help in ensuring its people have access to a better life. IcMD is committed to working with your community's leadership to direct available funds towards projects that matter most to you. 

How it works

IcMD Gives Back


By tracking patient orders by location and community IcMD maintains a fund for each community to benefit from. When your community reaches its 1st $5000 in profit to be returned we contact your community's leadership to donate the funds back to you community

Request for funding


Do you have a sponsorship, scholarship or community program you want funding for? Please contact us at info@icmd.ca so we may add your request to our list. When the time is right we will reach out to your community's leadership and suggest the request. Ultimately it is up to each community to determine how to spend the available funds. 

10% GROSS Profit


IcMD.ca has agreed to return 10% of our GROSS profits back to communities who register with the IcMD Gives Back Program.

No deductions, no management fees, JUST OPEN BOOK GROSS PROFIT on any service IcMD offers. 

Don't let others take your community's economic benefit out of the community. 

Sponsored Associations